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The Energy Efficiency Technologies

Mutrees can consult in the application of several Energy Efficiency Technologies. These technologies are explained below, for more information you can navigate to the individual pages on the left.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can be used to upgrade waste heat to a higher temperature, so that the waste heat can be useful again. Conventional heat pumps, like Vapour Recompression systems can be implemented, but consultancy on the development of enhanced heat pumps is also possible.

Membrane Distillation

Conventional water cleaning and desalination technologies consume large amounts of energy. Membrane distillation is a more energy efficient technology for desalination of salt (sea) water or for the cleaning of industrial waste water streams.

Wireless Instrumentation

Instrumentation for monitoring processes in industrial plants requires expensive cabling. Wireless instruments are already available, but the power supply is a problem. When waste heat is used to power these instruments, no more cabling or battery replacement is required.

Air Coolers

Air cooled heat exchangers are one of the most applied pieces of industrial equipment. Conventional air cooled heat exchangers have concentric finned tubes. When a small change in fin shape is done, the air coolers can have a higher performance.

Heat Storage

Industrial waste heat can be stored underground, so that it can be used at an other moment or sot that it can be used to fulfill energy requirements of neighboring companies or households.

EMbaffle Heat Exchangers

A small change in the baffles of Shell and Tube heat exchangers has multiple advantages. The performance of the heat exchanger is significantly improved and reduced fouling is experienced and vibration eliminated.

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