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Don Mulder



Background of Don Mulder... 30 years of industrial experience at Shell.

Curriculum Vitae


Curriculum Vitae Don Mulder

Personal details


Name : Don Mulder

Gender : Male

Date and place of birth : March 25th, 1957, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands

Marital status : Married

Nationality : Dutch



1994 Delft university (Top-Tech), Management of Safety, Health & Environment [MSc.]

1992 Twente University of Technology, Chemical Technology [Ir.]

1986 Amsterdam bachelors (HTS), Chemical Technology [Ing.] 1982 Amsterdam bachelors (HTS), Process Control and Instrumentation [Ing.]

1976 Leiden Technical school (MTS), Electrical engineering and Electronics

Career history


2007 - 2010; Technologies Implementation Manager for Shell Global Engineering division

2006 - 2007; Technology Manager Mechanical & Heat Transfer Department

2002 - 2006; Manager EMbaffle Technology

1995 - 2002; Heat Exchanger engineer 1994 - 1995; Quality coordinator EE/HCP (I prepared program, trained and guided 6 research

departments to become ISO-certified. 1992 - 1994; Health, Safety, Environment Manager PER+ at Pernis refinery(see recognition below)

1991 - 1992; Process Engineer Shell Pernis (I mainly worked on environmental projects)

1984 - 1991; Heat Transfer researcher Trickle Flow Reactors. I have designed, built, operated 3 high pressures, high temperature pilot plants and analysed, modelled and reported the data

1980 - 1984; Instrumentation engineer.

Work experience


Before I joined Shell, 30 year ago, I worked at Honeywell, Corus and the EPC contractors MHK and IBN. And I served the army as sergeant. I have more than 32 years of professional and managing experience in technological and organisational projects, varying from electronics, instrumentation, reactor heat transfer engineering, process engineering, HSE management, Quality (ISO) management, Heat exchanger R&D, Heat pump development, engineering, management and Business Development. My experiences are in the areas of R&D, design, process engineering, trouble shooting and people & change management. • As mass/heat transfer reactor researcher in Amsterdam I built 3 large high temperature high pressure test rigs related to reactors in new Shell processes (Hycon, SMDS). • As process engineer in Shell Pernis I worked at several environmental projects (e.g. I developed an improvement plan for the overall water treatment of the refinery. • As HSE Manager PER+ at Pernis I have set up a manageable and auditable HSE management system for large projects and revamps. Therefore I introduced VCA/1 and VCA/2 (safety checklist contractors), where contractors were only allowed to start working on the PER+ project after being VCA certified. I helped many contractors; to set-up their companies project HSE management system for PER+; to inventoried risks of their activities on site, to structure toolbox meetings. I executed an intensive audit program (financial incentive driven) to measure the implementation and effectiveness of the PER+ HSE program. The size of the team that was full time employed with HSE activities on PER+ was 15 men. I wrote an extensive report of PER+ Management of Safety Health and Environment, where I described the set-up of the PER+ HSE management system. • I also participated in Environmental effect studies (MER), Hazop studies, and lead several root cause analysis of LTI’s, analysis and lessons learned from near misses. • I returned to Amsterdam, as a Quality coordinator where I was successful in the ISO certification of 6 R&D related departments (140 staff). • As heat transfer specialist I was involved in more than 100 debottlenecking and fouling reduction and energy efficiency projects, mainly by applying advanced heat transfer equipment. • I am inventor of the new type of patented heat exchanger (less fouling, less pressure drop and greater energy saving).

Together with my team I have developed this innovative heat exchanger technology from idea to implementation, and it has become a separate commercial entity in 2007 (EMbaffle B.V.). I conducted globally dozens of technical and business case presentations to groups up to 200 members. I initiated contacts with strategic partners, negotiated license contracts with potential manufacturers, and initiated contracts with EPC contractors and software suppliers. I set up relations with global governments in order to get energy savings and CO2 emission related subsidies on the technology. I set up independently heat exchanger related research activities and completed them.

Description of last job


As Technology Implementation Manager I extended the variety of heat transfer related R&D projects to waste heat recovery and energy efficiency related projects. I am also the inventor of the patented improved (10 %) air cooled heat exchanger and the enhanced Metal Hydride adsorption desorption heat pump (temp. lift of 100 C). I had global responsibility in driving the implementation of technologies that are ready for deployment, or accelerate development of these technologies. The initial focus was on projects related to energy saving and CO2 emission reduction My steering activities exists of initiating potential implementations of enhanced technologies, helped to secure funding of those projects line-up multi-disciplinary project teams, co-ordinate, advised and guided the teams in achieving the implementation. The scope of the activities was related to the Refining; Petro-Chemicals; Gas&Power and E&P sectors. I operated cross-business and cross-discipline. The Shell Global Engineering organisation, where I was part of, consists of nine departments, seated in Houston, Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore, and Amsterdam/The Hague. The activities of the various departments were: (Analytical Technology), (Engineering Projects), (Electrical), (Materials and Inspections), (Mechanical & Heat Transfer), (Process Control & Optimisation), (Engineering Services to Projects), (Rotating Equipment), (Instrumentation and Plant Automation) and (Remote Monitoring). One of the key challenges of this job was to "work through others" to deliver and deploy technologies. Interpersonal skills, consensus building, inclusiveness and team work were crucial to the success of this job. The Technology Implementation projects that I am leading in the last years up to 2010 were: Waste heat recovery related • Waste heat recovery from Chemical Plant (Shell Moerdijk) to greenhouses via underground (600 m, 80 C) heat storage This successfully project has been handed over to Volker Wessels for further execution • Development and Implementation of adsorption/desorption MH Heat pump Feasibility studies, economical studies, design 15 MW unit, modelling and preparation for further development via consortium (ECN a.o) • Development and implementation of sustainable fully wireless instrument (Moerdijk) Status report of 3 different technologies, assembling in one explosion proof fully wireless instrument and successful demonstration in the field • Setting up a demo for Memstill desalination technologies Demonstrated that this energy efficient technology is, besides for seawater desalination, also of great interest for process water treatment Energy efficiency related o Development of 10 % more efficient air cooled heat exchanger o Development and implementation of improved compressor o Design and Application of First Dividing Wall Column in Shell plant (Gothenburg) Additional Information ___________________________________________________________________ Recognition: In 1995 I received from the Dutch Association of Safety Experts (NVVK) an award for my PER+ Management of Safety Health and Environment, where I have set-up an incentive driven quantifiable HSE organisation for 3000 people and 600 companies working in for the PER+ project of Shell Pernis refinery Rotterdam. One of the achievements was that I successfully developed and introduced VCA in the industry. VCA is a kind of ISO-certification for HSE and is now a requirement for companies working in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. (VCA stands for Veiligheids Checklist voor Aannemers) Nomination: November 2006 EMbaffle Technology was nominated out of 250 companies and 2000 entries for the Global Energy Award 2006 in New York in the category Commercialisation of New Technologies. EMbaffle B.V.: EMbaffle heat exchanger Technology has successfully been developed and pre-commercialised and will continue its activities in a separate entity, EMbaffle B.V. (via Shell Technology Ventures (STV) per January 2007. It penetrates into a global market of 7 billion EURO, and is roughly 15 % more efficient than the conventional exchangers. Implementation will save huge amounts of energy and will reduce CO2 emission because less furnace capacity is required. Additional skills ___________________________________________________________________ Languages Dutch : Fluent English : Fluent German : Business Software MS Office, MS Projects, MSExcel, AutoCAD, Pro II, Hysis, Aspen, HTRI, HTFS, Rodbaffle, ESDU, EMbaffle. Hobbies and main interests ___________________________________________________________________ Family, sailing, skiing, motor driving, cycling, travelling, walking, skating, real estate and architecture. Over the years I have managed the execution of 9 freestanding villa’s of which I architecture (inside/outside) 6 of them.

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