Mutrees - Wireless Instrumentation

Wireless Instrumentation

Numerous instruments for monitoring flows, temperatures, pressures, etc. are applied in industrial plants. All these instruments require cabling for power and cabling for information. There are wireless instruments on the market. These devices can send the information through the air, but they still require power and therefore arenít completely wireless or expensive battery packs are required that need to be recharged regularly.

Fully wireless technology

Devices to harvest power from available (low-temperature) heat are on the market. These devices can be combined with the available wireless information sending technology, so that a fully wireless instrument is developed. The harvested power is used to charge a battery in the wireless instrument.

Fully wireless instruments will save fixed costs, by reducing cabling. But they also reduce variable costs, since less energy is required. This will therefore directly save emissions. Due to the large application area, large savings can be achieved.



Mutrees can consult in the application of fully wireless instruments. Mutrees has contact with the suppliers of the different components of the Fully wireless instruments and can therefore deliver tailored fully wireless solutions.

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