Mutrees - Waste heat storage

Waste heat storage

In industrial plants huge amounts of heat are released to the environment. When this heat can be supplied to neighboring industry or residentials both energy consumption and emissions are saved. The main problem is that there are large differences in waste heat supply and energy demand. Heat storage into the ground (at 80C) will serve as a big accumulator to overcome winter/summer conditions, day/night conditions and planned or unplanned shutdowns.


Storage of Industrial Waste Heat into the ground can be used as buffer between a waste heat provider (Industry) and end users (Greenhouse, city heating etc.). This approach will save cost, save CO2 emission, but will also makes it more attractive and less complicated to set-up city heating/greenhouses projects supplied by waste heat from industry, and it increases the operational freedom to add to or take waste heat from a waste heat network.


Mutrees has experience in managing underground waste heat storage and recovery projects. Mutrees can consult in the application of waste heat storage and recovery technologies.

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