Mutrees - EMbaffle Heat Exchangers

EMbaffle Technology

EMbaffle technology is developed by Shell Global Solutions International B.V. The EMbaffle Heat exchanger is a major innovation designed to offer processing industries the potential to improve performance, cut environmental emissions, and reduce operating and maintenance costs.


Embaffle Heat exchangers

The design of EMbaffleŽ employs expanded metal baffles (tube supports) made of plate material that has been slit and expanded. The open structure allows a longitudinal flow pattern and results in lower hydraulic resistance, so that flow induced tube vibration will not occur. The resulting high performance heat exchanger, when compared to conventional shell and tube segmental designs, offers the following potential benefits: - Elimination of damaging flow-induced tube vibration, - Lower pressure drop on the shell side, - Improved heat transfer capabilities, - Lower fouling rates, - Competitive manufacturing costs.

The presented grid has thicker grids than the actual applied expended metal grid, but shows very clearly the three dimensinal shape that create the open structure and additional turbulence in the flow pattern that generates the additional heat transfer.

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