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Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Finned tubes are widely used in Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE) to enhance heat transfer efficiency on the airside. The fins of a conventional air-cooled heat exchanger usually consist of aluminum strips wrapped as a helix around bare tubes, making up the concentric finned tube. In an ACHE bundle of multiple finned tube rows are used to cool down process media. The process medium flows inside the tubes and air is flowing around the finned tubes.It is known that downwind the tube there is a wake due to airflow obstruction of that tube. In this wake air velocities are low and heat transfer efficiency is poor, both influencing the local air temperature.

Improved Air Coolers

The idea of the Non Concentric Finned Air Cooler is that relatively simple modifications to the fin shape improve the airside cooling efficiency, which typically is the limiting factor in thermal efficiency of the ACHE and determine to a large extend its size. Optimizing the fin shape results in a higher air flow and thus higher heat transfer. This improvement leads to lower costs, smaller air coolers and thus less plot-space is required. This is very attractive since chemical plants often require large numbers of air cooled heat exchangers.



Mutrees can offer consultancy in the development and implementation of improved air cooled heat exchangers.

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